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BIRD BABY BOOM at London Zoo

Updated: Jan 4

So, what has happened since my last blog you ask?

Well, upon becoming a newly qualified keeper, I was given the opportunity to take charge of my own aviary - the one and only Tropical bird walk-through aviary in the Blackburn Pavilion - a historic part of London Zoo. This magnificent Victorian building, which used to be a Reptile House in 1883, has been renovated to give our birds a wonderful space to fly freely.

I have now been managing this section for the past three months, and boy has it been a busy one! Not only have we recently welcomed 17 chicks to our bird family, but ZSL has just published an article to announce this amazing Bird Baby Boom News! This was also published in the Cage & Aviary Birds Magazine, and by the Evening Standard and BIAZA !

I am also honoured that some of my photographs were featured in this article.

(Check out the "London Zoo Bird Photography" page on this website for more photos or follow my "London Zoo Bird Photography Instagram Account")

Go birds team!

Click on the image below to access the full article:

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