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Logging for Wild Isles

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Episodes 3 (Grasslands) and 5 (Oceans)

I am extremely grateful to Silverback Films for being given the opportunity to play a small role in the production of this new and iconic documentary series that will inspire generations of people to come and and open their eyes to our Wild Isles.

Wild Isles is a major new five-part natural history series from Silverback Films for BBC One and iPlayer (coming 2023) that aims to do for the wildlife of Britain and Ireland what the ‘Planet’ series have done for the wildlife of the world.

Presented by Sir David Attenborough, co-produced by The Open University, the RSPB and WWF, and filmed over three years, the series uses the very latest technology to capture dramatic new behaviour, from battling butterflies to hunting sea eagles and killer whales – revealing a previously unseen wild side of the British Isles.

A huge shout out to the most talented teams at Silverback films.


1. Episode Three - Grasslands

2. Episode Five - Oceans

3. Wild Isles Launch Party in Bristol

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